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  • it started with Victorian era in 1837 with symmetry and decoration in mind.
  • Then in 1880s floral patterns and curve lines were highly used in logos from there in 1890s logos transformed into flat hand-drawn illustrations with natural forms and structures.
  • In 1910 designers broke free from floral and traditional designs to a more realistic and minimalistic approach with geometrical perfection to them.
  • Then the modern era hit the market from the early 1900s to late 2000s no more floral pattern curves or geometry the approach was minimalistic and more natural
  • A new non-decorative approach in logos was adapted from 1945 onwards simple was more beautiful and memorable.
  • Postmodern era started from 75s to 90s it was obsessed with fun-loving characters different textures odd combinations of colors
  • Custom Logo design Services in India are unique and they represent your company’s identity and it also helps customers to recognize among all your competitors and creates a visual symbol and people can relate a logo with the company when recalling it. A logo is there for identification.

    There are essential elements of a Logo Design Services and these are as follows

There are essential elements of a Logo Design Services and these are as follows

  • 01Simplicity

    The simplicity lets people remember you as you are not complex or overdrawn that makes it easy and memorable. For e.g. logo of Apple Inc. is an apple with a bitten part to not confuse with a cherry..

  • 02Memorable

    The memorability of a company’s logo is of utmost importance is the customer is able to recall and logo is impactful in a positive sense. For e.g. Louie Philippe with crown, LP, and a flag.

  • 03Versatile

    A versatile logo looks equally good on a website, letterhead on materials and on paper. It never loses its charm.

  • 04Appropriate

    It should relate to the work or business you are in if you are a law firm you won’t chose bright colors you would go for bold darker colors to show the maturity of your firm or website.

  • 05Durable

    Is your logo good enough for 1 or 2 years or for decades to come if it’s timeless then you have profited yourself if not then go again for a new logo bear the cost, time and headache of finalizing.


    To save you from this problem hire a professional logo design services India is there for you providing the best Online logo design Services India ever with a uniqueness of its own.

Logo design can work for websites or for a business card or packaging material whatever the thing. A good logo is successful when people are able to relate products to your logo and company.

Whether you want, only a professional custom logo design company in India simple, old fashioned, collaborative, creative, bold, fun, zestful ,intriguing, playful, dynamic, straight forward, welcoming, traditional, story teller, ordinary, modern, extraordinary, diverse, creative, fun-loving, honest, imaginative, original, approachable, respectful, friendly, mysterious, humble, intense, adventurous, nostalgic, give personality, or identity/ character to logo we at online logo design services India is there for you to help you realize your dream logo into reality with experts.

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