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Website designs can be single page one or multi-page, some floral intricate designs or just black and white it all depends upon your requirements the business you are in.

Before going to e-commerce website designs it essential to know the history of e-commerce and its evolution. It started with ARPANET in 1971 with a sale from students of one university to another. In 1979, Aldrich came up with an idea of shopping from television by connecting it to a computer and telephone line further modifications were made and this launched online shopping.

An e-commerce website is a very convenient way to shop from as products are 24/7 available. There are some drawbacks, they can be fixed with best e-commerce website design services India.


Website design can vary from one website to another. Imagine, you are showcasing handcrafted product range of cotton clothes these are beautiful traditional rustic colors which requires neutral background for a website to emphasize the texture of cloth and if you add a human character to it, them customers can relate to the emotion of how that cloth (not a product) came into existence.

It depends on your products what you are going to offer in the marketplace. It doesn’t matter if you are a clothing website or footgear company or cosmetic website. Now everything is at your fingertips with one click you can buy a footwear to Mercedes, technology is evolving so are websites. These are some requirements for a having a wonderful working e-commerce website


Today we want every service at lightning fast so why to compromise on the loading speed of websites if your website is not loading forget about sales there would be no footfalls customers won’t stick around that long if it takes forever to load.


The not so small screen has ensured everything is available at your fingertips and with that ease your shop from your mobile without giving a second thought to laptop or pc. With responsive web design, the website adapts to suit different screen sizes like for Kindle, iPhone, IPad, netbook, etc. The layouts are flexible and molds accordingly to the customer’s situations.


Product description can make or break a deal. Make sure to give basic details with the image or product and more detail found below with size, fit, material, care etc. It creates a lasting impact on customers if they are able to see high-resolution pictures, 360-degree view and factual details as because they don’t have a brick and mortar store to touch, feel and understand the product.


When shopping online consumers deal with products which are intangible and one needs to improve upon that experience, tiny images of the product won’t work. Big images help customers to feel confident with the product and give a close experience which is missing in online shopping. Include zooming into the product if it is a clothing e-commerce website or photos of product from different angles if dealing with a virtual product. Videos with a demo of the product will persuade the customer to buy them. Make offers very crisp and clear.


The crowd is crazy these days for free shipping and guest logins. These facilities increase trustworthiness in websites and shows they are interested in relationship building with the customer and are not transaction focused. Whether a customer is going to buy from your site it a matter of seconds if customers are given deals, freebies, free shipping on purchase of an xyz amount they will definitely take a look and provide frequent customers with freebies. Account holders can have promotional offers, discounts for reference etc. so they can become a face of your brand and influence their friends and family to check out your website.


By creating a need among customers that their product will be out of stock it compels them to buy the products and if it is a deal.


Make sure to have a simple solution checkout to include single page or multiple scroll down page to view all the details of products where customers can see what they are going to purchase, in what quantity and if they have made a wrong buying decision have then the option of return or exchange have full transparency and show related products so that overall purchase is increased and there benefit is many folds.

Payment gateways should be bank authorized and safe because the customer is putting the trust in your products and payment gateways should include international credit or debit cards, domestic ones paytm or mobikwik wallets etc. if dealing with customers worldwide. Have alternative payment methods like COD (cash on delivery), pay via card on delivery or pay with the credits earned.

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